Garden Visuals and Flowers!

We moved into Perigord Retreats after it had been left empty for 5 years. The garden had been untouched during this time period and many of the rockery plants had massively outgrown the rockery. painting workshops in France

Since then, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating new beds and planting trees, shrubs and flowers. We have a long term plan for the garden with various themes. The bottom garden has a lot of herbs – easy access from the kitchen. The top of the property holds more mediterranean and tropical plants. We planted an olive tree in 2016 and a lot of lavender. Around the pool area there are palm trees and stones.

All of the mature oak trees have had the deadwood cut out. Now it’s one of the best spots to sit in the shade on one of our homemade benches or alternatively lay in one of the hammocks watching the world go by. painting workshops in France

Art studio

By taking the staircase or walking round the outside of Villa Quercy you can descend into the art studio. With ample space for 20 painters, the art studio is high ceilinged and very luminous. During the summer it’s one of the coolest rooms in the house and you’ll really appreciate working down there. We have space to dry your paintings, wash your equipment and plenty of storage. Of course, there is a fridge, running water and kettle so you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite drinks whilst you paint.

To find the the art studio on the virtual visit, head downstairs and you’ll find it. painting workshops in Francepainting workshops in France

Where are we?

Draw a line between Bordeaux and Toulouse, go half way along the line and then a little bit east and you’ll find the perfect place for your painting workshops in France. More specifically, Perigord Retreats is located in the Dordogne and Lot regions.. Full of rich history, beautiful countryside and excellent weather year round. Living here is almost like going back in time when you consider the style of buildings and many of the traditional ways of life, cobbled streets and small doorways are far from uncommon. There are hundreds of unique places to explore and find your perfect painting regardless of your interest. This place really has it all.

You can read in more detail about the region by checking out our excursions page.


Perigord Retreats

Specifically, we are located only a few miles away from the old Medieval town of Gourdon, which lies between Sarlat la Caneda and Cahors, two larger towns in the region. Our little hamlet is very quiet and peaceful, the land surrounding our property means we have no direct neighbours and the lack of urbanisation close-by gives incredible views of the Milky Way almost every night! when you walk out of our front gates in the morning you can look down into the valley below. The good thing about living higher up is that we are always slighter warmer and so our flora is generally a couple of weeks ahead of other areas.

If you’re coming here to paint traditional French life, you’re in luck. Our hamlet has around 15 beautiful stone houses carefully looked after by their owners. You’ll find a wide range of colourful flowers or climbing plants to paint. But this is just the start. We have a long list of places we can visit depending on what you want to see.

About Perigord Retreats

Welcome to Perigord Retreats located in the heart of the Dordogne and Lot regions. We offer painting holidays bringing the expertise of guest artists with a variety of mediums including oil, water colour, pastels et al. The opportunities to explore the countryside and release your creativity are endless. Our guest artists, working with local recommendation decide which particular peaceful sleepy medieval villages, historic buildings, bustling markets or outstanding landscapes to visit and enjoy. You will have the opportunity for plein air painting/drawing or to return to the studio to complete your work. We pride ourselves in fulfilling your requests to manage to view as many sites, scenes and views (or as few) as possible – it is your trip of a lifetime.

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Why book with Perigord Retreats?

  • Best painting courses

    Learn from our guest artists with local recommendation. You will have the opportunity for plein air painting and/or studio work.

  • 24x7 personal service

    Angela and Adrian are your hosts at Perigord Retreats. Vast experience in hospitality and customer service industries. They therefore know how to make you happy and enjoy your stay.

  • Exceptional accommodation

    Beautiful villas, terraces, grounds and a stunning indoor swimming pool for you to enjoy.

  • Superb location

    The opportunities to explore the countryside, visit must-see villages and release your creativity are endless.

Our villas

Perigord Retreats
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Ruu Gates
Ruu Gates
You’ll never experience anything to match the care you receive from this family. They are committed to your comfort and Angela cooks like a top chef! Father and son are knowledgeable about wonderful places for painters and provide transport after consultation with the tutor. Angela makes up a delicious picnic for the group to enjoy while out and the men set it all up in special places. A studio, custom built as part of the Retreat, is a special bonus for completing work in the evenings, for ‘crits’ after a day out and especially when rain keeps painters indoors. Our experience with them left us feeling we had been welcomed warmly into their family and made special new more
Helen Beacham
Helen Beacham
My group was made to feel special! We have so many great memories now! Thank you, Perigord Retreats!
Nicola Banyard
Nicola Banyard
Following on from my fifth visit to Perigord Retreats and when I thought I couldn't enjoy it any more than I had on previous visits how wrong I was. Every trip has a something 'special' to take back home. I'm taking back this time that special memory of my new Kayaking experience. My first Kayaking experience and definitely not my last. The whole experience with the Turner family was incredible from start to finish. I'm not a natural water baby(dry land sports is my safety zone) so this experience challenged my fears and doubts. For all those thinking this wouldn't be for you.....think again!!! Firstly apart from the adrenaline rush and fun factor with a capital F! It's an exhilarating ride. Beats any theme park. The Dor Dogne is amazing and the stunning scenery can only be appreciated by experiencing it first hand actually from a canoe and riding the liberal rapids whilst sun kissed beneath the French clear blue sky with it's rays bouncing off the equally clear water. En route Angela took time to demonstrate her knowledge of French invasion of times long past within the astounding Castle walls, of which there were several that grandly stood in place over the setting. On that particular day there were many of us moving with the currant , in life jackets and flexing our oaring skills. The surroundings vast in greenery, the little alcoves hidden in the rocks, the birds touching base at various locations along the way and the whole aroma of France soaked in Medieval history would surely make this an inspirational experience. This is just one small pocket of my lovely memories from my last trip with Perigord more