Perigord Retreats: Accommodation Set in 5 Acres

Villa Perigord

6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms

See Perigord Retreats accommodation as if you were there! Complete with views of the lavender field, conservatory, large terrace and much more. Explore at your leisure with the virtual tour below.

Villa Perigord - Gateway
Villa Quercy and swimming pool

Villa Quercy

4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

Complete with views of the lavender field, an indoor/outdoor pool and the art studio downstairs! Explore at your leisure with the virtual tour below.

Virtual Tour

Click on the ‘Play’ button below to explore the two houses virtually. You can navigate to the art studio by clicking on Villa Quercy, clicking the Floor Selector and going to ‘Floor 1’.

All bedrooms are spacious and full of light! You can even stroll into the pool room, terrace or conservatory in Villa Perigord! Make sure you check out the dining room!

Depending on the weather, we dine inside or outside on the terrace… Luckily, the terrace faces towards the west, so we can enjoy a lovely evening meal while watching the sun set!

Travelling to Perigord Retreats

We are lucky enough to have a train station only 5 minutes away with a direct line to Paris. It’s a beautiful train journey, starting in the flatlands of Paris, the topography gradually steepens as you approach the ‘Massif Central’. Eventually, you reach the rolling hills of the Limousin and Perigord Vert. Your final stop is the local medieval town of Gourdon. We will collect you here and you’ll be at Perigord Retreats within 5 minutes.

If you prefer to travel by air, we have 3 airports within 90 minutes drive. Toulouse, Bergerac & Brive. We are happy to pick up groups of travelling artists from any of these airports.

Gardens & Grounds

Perigord Retreats accommodation consists of 2 houses built on the same piece of land. It is situated at the edge of a small village in between the Quercy & Perigord regions. The property is fully-fenced and has various trees and hedgerows along the fence line. The track in front of the house has no traffic and the village is set 500 yards away from the closest road. This means that the loudest noise comes from the birds singing and the various wildlife you’ll hear in the woods behind the house.

The Orchards

Over the last 5 years, we’ve spent a lot of time improving the quality of the gardens… Planting trees, flowers and shrubs so that we have new flowers blossoming every week of the season! We even planted over 1000 Lavender plants so that we can make our own honey and essential oil. It’s taken a lot of hard work, but Perigord Retreats is finally starting to take the shape we envisaged when we bought the property.

In front of the property is an old truffle orchard, which still has the occasional truffle! In the warm summers, it provides some lovely dappled shade. We use the back field to grow our own organic vegetables and raise chickens for their delicious eggs. We even planted a small orchard full of various fruit trees… It serves 3 purposes:

1. It provides us with enough fresh fruit
2. We use the excess fruit as chicken food or process it for jams
3. The chickens love the shade it provides during the heat of the summer

For those of you who take an interest in wildlife; we’ve counted over 30 species of birds in the garden. If you take a walk along the track or through the woods, you’ll be able to see lots of deer, other birds and even some other animals!

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