Yuki Hall 04 – 13 June

Workshop description

In this workshop, Yuki will walk you through how to create an atmosphere of a scene by establishing the sense of depth in the picture plane and also by breaking away from a rigid coloring-in painting style.  You will start painting with confident brush strokes and expressive edge qualities.  You will also learn how to simplify a complex subject by extracting the most important feature of the subject while leaving unnecessary details out.  Establishing a strong tonal value pattern in your picture plane is also important.  We will practice tonal value studies and monochromatic paintings and learn how to translate them into full-color paintings for maximum visual and emotional impacts.

Because of the small class size, you will receive plenty of individual help throughout the workshop.  All levels are welcome.  

Yuki Hall is an award-winning watercolor artist known for her loose style and spontaneous approach to working with the medium.  She holds a signature membership in Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA), Ohio Watercolor Society and Whiskey Painters of America.  Yuki’s work has been accepted into prestigious national & international level watercolor juried competitions including the National Watercolor Society Annual Member Exhibition, National Juried Exhibition of Transparent Watercolor Society of America and the Watercolor West International Juried Exhibition.  Her works also have been published by highly competitive national art/watercolor publications: three consecutive years (2014 ~ 2016) in Watercolor Artist Magazine Water Media Showcase and Splash 16 – Exploring Texture & Splash 20 – Creative Compositions both from North Light Books.  

Yuki is also an avid teacher.  Her non-intimidating friendly teaching style has been well-received by students of all levels for many years.


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