Wild Animals | Perigord Retreats Painting Holidays
A relatively large buck with his red summer coat

A camera-shy hare squatting in the grass trying to avoid me

Living in the countryside at Perigord Retreats, we are very lucky to see an enormous variety of wild animals  on a daily basis. When we talk about wild animals, we mean anything and everything from mice and shrews, to wild boar, deer and a multitude of birds of prey often seen following behind a tractor cutting grass – the ‘inland’ version of seagulls following a trawler on the sea.

If you’re an early bird, its very easy to get out and take some amazing photographs and see some animals you wouldn’t see in other parts of the world. Even during the heat of the day there are some beautiful butterflies and song birds you’ll see running whizzing around the garden searching for food or chasing friends. I’ve often tried to take some pictures of the song birds in the garden. Unfortunately this is easier said than done, especially with my amateur photography skills and lack of a big enough zoom!

I did manage to take one of a Blue Tit who has become slightly more tame than the others.

one of the tame Blue Tits in the garden during winter

A relatively large buck with his red summer coat

My favourite animal to photograph is the Roe Deer. They look beautiful and are found either on their own or in family groups depending on the time of year. They moult their darker grey coat during the spring, which reveals a much more vibrant red coat for the summer months. Roe Deer have relatively small antlers compared to other species of deer because they grow (abnormally) during the winter months when food is more scarce.

two young bucks in the process of shedding their winter coats ready for summer

An older buck past his prime

a lonesome pheasant patrolling the hedgerow foraging for seeds and other treats.


If you’re interested in photographing animals when you come to visit Perigord Retreats, i can take you to some of my favourite spots!

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