Reservations and Deposits
A non refundable deposit of 1000 Euros is payable at the time of booking. The full balance is due 60 days before commencement of the holiday.  Payment can be made in instalments, the only requirements are that 1000€ deposit is received with booking, and that final instalment is made 60 days before arrival.

All guests included in the booking must arrange adequate holiday insurance which includes full medical cover (including repatriation to home country), personal accident, loss or damage to property, cancelation or curtailment of the holiday, personal liability, legal expenses and emergency.

All cancellations must be made in writing by the person who booked the holiday.  If the holiday is cancelled more than days before commencement of the holiday the full deposit is charged.  If the holiday is cancelled from 59 to 30 days prior to the holiday a 75% charge is made. If the holiday is cancelled between 29 days and commencement of the holiday a 100% charge is made. In the event of cancellation, the travel insurance policy should cover the cost of payments made Perigord Retreats reserves the right to change the programme details and reserves the right to cancel a holiday if the holiday is unviable due to too few bookings (less than 7 guests) on a particular holiday.  In this event, a minimum of 60 days notice will be given, an alternative date will be suggested and if not acceptable a full refund will
be made of any funds paid.

Perigord Retreats shall not accept responsibility for any cancellations or effect on your holiday due to war, threat of war, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist action, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions.

All flights should be booked to Toulouse Blagnac international. Any arrivals by train should be to Gourdon (46300) train station, Getting the train from Paris to Gourdon is easier, faster and more cost effective than catching a connecting flight from Paris to Toulouse.

We collect our guests from Toulouse Blagnac at noon on day one of the workshop. This is the only time for collection from the airport. Train arrivals to Gourdon can be collected at any time. Subject to exact number of guests, Perigord Retreats will make 1 transfer from our grounds to Toulouse airport on the day of departure (flights usually departing at 11am). Flights should be arranged based on this time so that there is not extended waiting periods (i.e. multiple flight times amongst the group could mean that some guest’s flights leave at 11am and others not until 4pm, which leads to unnecessary waiting times at the airport). Guests wishing to travel by train can leave Perigord Retreats at any time on the day of departure.

A certain level of mobility is required for our workshops. The local terrain can be a challenge with steep steps and cobblestones where elevators and escalators are rare. You will be required to walk around the locations and carry your own painting equipment.

In no event shall Perigord Retreats or its officers, Directors, Employees and Affiliates be liable to the customer for any injury, loss, or damage directly or indirectly arising from, or any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, incurred by passenger in connection with (i) the holiday purchased hereby, including without limitation, any associated transportation, activities, and accommodations, whether prior, during or after the holiday, (ii) any act, omission, neglect, accident, error or default of third parties, providing services in connection with the holiday, (iii) the alteration of the passenger’s itinerary when advisable or necessary for the safety and/or well being of the customer, (iv) any act of terrorism, war, accident, weather or any act of God.

Signature on the booking form is considered acceptance of the above conditions.