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Villa Quercy

Villa Quercy

This house is named after the Quercy region (half of our excursions are in the Quercy). Villa Quercy is accessed by the terrace and through the main door where a living area welcomes you.  The servicing area of the kitchen is visible together with the main kitchen where all the magic happens.

The Rooms

Coucher de soileil bedroom is on your left.  A smart, fresh double bedroom with a wardrobe and cabinets plus a lovely chair. Named after the sunsets visible from the window and overlooking one of the gardens.

Chene has an oak tree visible from the window and has a double bed, wardrobe and beside cabinets.

The separate shower and toilet is utilised by these bedrooms providing convenient access.

Lavande has an ensuite shower and bathroom and overlooks our lavender plantation.  Our hens may come and talk to you through the window if you lean out early in the morning.

If you return to the hallway, you will see access to another stair case which leads down to the studio.  There is a double sink with hot and cold running water and a fridge for immediate supplies – some of our artists like a beer or a cola whilst they are working. There are also tea and coffee making facilities.  The studio is lit by daylighting and there is a large sliding door which can be pulled back to allow the sun to shine through or just fresh air.

The studio is equipped with, chairs and stools.  We have table top easels, boards, telescopic easels, oil easels, and beechwood easels – something to suit most of our artists.  We also store our portable stools here for plein air painting.  The cupboards have some supplies, spray bottles, palette knives, oil cups and a multitude of jam jars and random artist items that may come in useful.

The door allows you to exit from the studio and return to either house or explore the gardens.

Villa Quercy - Living room
Villa Quercy and swimming pool
Villa Quercy - Terrace