2022 Retreats

Custom-built painting retreats

04 - 13 April - Christopher Cole

Christopher Cole has built his reputation as an artist over the last 45 years working from close observation and immersing himself totally in his subject.

20-29 April

This slot is currently available. Contact us if you’re interested in collaborating.

05-19 May - Regina Hona

Regina enjoys painting landscapes, portraiture and plein-air paintings in oil, pastel, charcoal and sketching in pen & wash.

25 May - 03 June - Ivy Newport

Depending on the message behind the work, Ivy is drawn to either intense hues, earthy palettes or subdued pastels.

09 - 18 June - Available

If you’re interested in collaborating/hosting a retreat, get in touch!

28 June - 07 July - Renee Caouette

Aesthetically, Renée’s work is influenced by her classical sensibilities and art historical background that have developed throughout her travels and studies.

18 - 27 July - Nina Weiss

Nina believes that the most honest work that an artist can produce is based on what inspires, grounds and excites them the most. Nina enjoys the rhythm, form and colour of landscapes.

29 August - 07 September - Anne Kullaf

Anne is joining us for her 3rd retreat. Having tutored across the US, Anne recently moved to Colorado where she is now developing her online courses and hosting workshops.

13 - 22 September - Julia O'Reilly

Julia O’Reilly has taught workshops and college classes in painting, drawing and pastel,  media arts and animation for over 30 years

27 September - 06 October - Kellee Wynne Conrad

Kellee creates work that sparks a spirit of joyful energy and beautiful living. That evokes longing for adventure and pleasure in the little details of life.