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Ecoute S’il Pleut, Gourdon

Hello everyone,

i would like to introduce you to one of my favourite places in the Lot region; Gourdon. last year it became part of a regular routine. Many a Friday evening were spent here after a long week of work; enjoying the refreshing feel of the water cooling us down followed by the warmth of the sun drying us as we laid on our towels and relaxed, looking forward to a weekend of fun.

Ecoute S’il Pleut


This lake is one of our favourites for picnics and swimming. At just a 10 minute drive from Perigord Retreats, a 2 minute drive from the medieval town of Gourdon

and often on the road to one of our excursions, it provides an excellent opportunity to stop off for a delicious picnic and an afternoon swim (water temperature is very comfortable during the summer and autumn). If you feel like having a stroll there is a shaded path, which takes you on a tour of the lake passing through various trees and flowers native to the region. At a total distance of around 1km it is a comfortable walk with no hills or stairs.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to see the local equestrian centre take their horses into the lake for a swim, its an incredible sight to behold and the excitement shown by the horses is brilliant to watch as they cool down from the searing heat of the sun.

Possibly the most interesting part of this lake is the fashion in which people and nature are seamlessly integrated. At the peak of summer, you have one end of the lake designated for swimmers and sunbathers, enjoying the clean water and the sun. Whilst only 50 metres in the other direction, you will find Herons hunting for small fish and fisherman hoping for a larger carp. There are some great photos to be taken or paintings to be painted at different times of the day, whether you like landscapes, trees, flowers, animals or urban settings, this place really does endlessly provide!

The downside of this place is that occasionally, a 1 hour stop has turned into a whole afternoon. Time flies when you’re having fun, after all!