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Jardins d’eau

Jardins d’eau

Jardins d’eau I’ve been meaning to visit the jardins d’eau (Water Gardens) since March. After eventually getting round to it this past weekend, I’m happy to say it certainly wasn’t… Read More

Snow is coming…

Snow is coming…

SNOW! Hello to all Perigord Retreats’s readers. It’s been a while since we have blogged and we sincerely hope you’ll forgive us. We are in full preparation mode to welcome… Read More

Mushrooms of the Dordogne

Mushrooms of the Dordogne

The mushrooms Very rare are those who, in passing through the Dordogne, have not seen à la carte from a restaurant – the famous Magret duck sauce with cep mushrooms… Read More


Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

  Les Jardins de Marqueyssac are located in the ‘commune’ of Vezac in the Dordogne, about thirty kilometres from Perigord-Retreats, and are the most visited gardens of the Aquitaine region. Set on… Read More

A relatively large buck with his red summer coat

Wild Animals

Living in the countryside at Perigord Retreats, we are very lucky to see an enormous variety of wild animals  on a daily basis. When we talk about wild animals, we… Read More