Glenn Grubbs 24 July – 2 August 2018


The process of art excites me.

Careful observation is the starting point to work on developing initial sketches capturing the essence of my observations. This is followed by developing an iterative series of objects. Each of these objects is viewed as an opportunity to explore different materials and allow for possibilities for chance, even accident, all working within a motif.

This strategic approach to work exercises purposeful acts of creativity, while embracing an active tolerance for accident, all directed toward the pursuit of discovery.


Originally from Washington, DC, Glenn’s love of the desert led him out west in the 1980’s, where he graduated from Arizona State University, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a Master of Architecture degrees. Glenn moved his studio to California in 2010, continuing his diverse work in art, architecture and public works.

A licensed architect in the State of Arizona, he continues to pursue his passion for art by maintaining an active painting studio and participating in urban sketching and life drawing groups.

Glenn Grubbs lives and works in Joshua Tree, California.


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